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First truck with Russian humanitarian cargo crosses border, enters Ukraine's checkpoint

/ITAR-TASS/. A first truck carrying Russian humanitarian cargo to Ukraine's eastern regions has crossed the border and entered a Ukrainian checkpoint, RT TV channel reported on Thursday.

By 1.00 pm Thursday, Ukrainian border guards and customs officers had made no checks of the Russian humanitarian cargo intended for eastern areas of Ukraine, representative of the Ukrainian National Security and Defense Council Andriy Lysenko said Thursday.

“As for reports that the convoy with relief supplies has moved on, no formalities to register the convoy's cargoes were performed on Wednesday evening,” he said. “Border checks will be immediately resumed as soon as ICRC confirms that it has been given guarantees of security. ICRC assumed responsibility for the transportation of the humanitarian cargo on the rest of the route," Lysenko said.

"Ukraine proceeds from the assumption that it is necessary to synchronize deliveries of relief supplies to the eastern territories, including humanitarian assistance from international organizations," Lysenko said.