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NATO could send training missions, not troops, to Ukraine — Lithuanian defense minister

According to Arvydas Anusauskas, the issue is at the stage of discussion

VILNIUS, February 27. /TASS/. NATO could send training missions to Ukraine, rather than troops, Lithuanian Defense Minister Arvydas Anusauskas said.

"We are talking about sending training missions, instructors. The decision would be made on a multilateral basis," he told reporters.

According to the minister, the issue is at the stage of discussion.

"The position can change. A search is underway for ways to provide assistance to Ukraine. Different countries have different positions," Anusauskas said. "At the same time, this (sending NATO training missions to Ukraine - TASS) would be our signal to Russia."

Lithuanian instructors train Ukrainian military personnel in Lithuania, the UK and Germany.

On 26 February, Slovak Prime Minister Robert Fico said some EU and NATO member states were considering sending their troops to Ukraine on the basis of bilateral agreements with Kiev. French President Emmanuel Macron also said this was not ruled out. The next day, NATO Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg said NATO had no such plans. Similar statements were made by the heads of government of Germany, the Czech Republic, Poland, Sweden and the Hungarian Foreign Minister.