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Russian military securely protecting borders of Kherson Region, official assures

Regional authorities are doing everything possible to prevent panic among the population

MOSCOW, September 14. /TASS/. The borders of the Kherson region are securely protected by the Russian military, and any attempts by the Ukrainian armed forces to advance towards Kherson will be prevented, Sergey Eliseev, chairman of the regional government, said on Wednesday.

"The situation in the Kherson Region is quite stable, the region’s borders are reliably secured by the Russian armed forces. We have enough forces and the means to prevent any attempts by the Ukrainian side to advance towards the city of Kherson," he said during a Rossiya-24 TV broadcast.

Eliseev also noted that the regional authorities are doing everything possible to prevent the spread of panic among the population. "I don't see any grounds for panic. Everything is OK," he added.

Last night, the Ukrainian military attempted to mount an offensive near the villages of Davydov Brod and Kiselevka, but the attacks were repelled by the allied forces.

In mid-March, the Russian Defense Ministry said that the Kherson Region was under full control of Russian troops. In late April, a military-civilian administration was formed. The region's authorities have repeatedly announced plans to become part of the Russian Federation.