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Russian envoy blames West for diminishing UN Security Council’s effectiveness

An obsession to politicize everything and incite confrontation has nothing to do with the UN Charter’s goals, Andrey Denisov noted

BEIJING, July 4. /TASS/. Destructive steps by Western countries diminish the effectiveness of the United Nations Security Council, Russian Ambassador to China Andrey Denisov said on Monday.

"Our common goal is to preserve UN mechanisms that remain the main platform for maintaining global peace and stability," he pointed out at the 10th Global Peace Forum in Beijing.

"Unfortunately, the UN Security Council is gradually losing the ability to hold meaningful discussions. Instead of searching for solutions to the most pressing issues and making compromises, our Western partners often tend to take the easiest possible path. They incite the use of the veto power or abstain from voting on decisions related to various documents," Denisov noted.

"We need to reach agreements, listen to each other and hear what our partners on the council have to say. However, today, we see an opposite trend that consists of accusations in absentia, dictates and maneuvering," the envoy added. "Such destructive steps divide UN Security Council members even more, making their work less effective," the diplomat stressed.

"We have been consistently emphasizing the extreme danger of attempts to undermine the United Nations’ mandate and a multipolar system of international relations. We are one step away from an abyss where attempts to sabotage normal UN activities are pushing us. An obsession to politicize everything and incite confrontation has nothing to do with the UN Charter’s goals," Denisov stated. "The UN Security Council remains an important and powerful platform, which has historically proven its ability to find solutions to the most complicated and extreme crises in various parts of the world," he added.

The forum brings together over 300 former and current diplomats, government officials, researchers and experts in-person and online. This year’s event is dubbed "Preserving International Stability: Commonality, Comprehensiveness and Cooperation." Tsinghua University has been holding the annual forum since 2012.