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Russian ambassador to Estonia given note over alleged violation of airspace by Su-34

The fighter jet allegedly spent less than a minute in Estonia’s airspace

TALLINN, September 24. /TASS/. Estonia’s embassy in Moscow said on Tuesday a note of protest had been handed over to Russian Ambassador Alexander Petrov over alleged violation on Estonia’s airspace by a Russian Su-34 fighter jet.

"The embassy confirms that the Russian ambassador was summoned to the Estonian Foreign Ministry to hand over to him a note over the violation of Estonia’s airspace by a Russian Su-34 plane," a spokesperson for the Estonian embassy told TASS.

The General Staff of the Estonian Defense Forces claimed earlier in the day that a Russian Su-34 fighter jet had violated the country’s airspace on Monday evening. The Russian plane allegedly spent less than a minute in Estonia’s airspace with its transponder switched off. The plane, according to the Estonia side, did not establish radio contact with Estonian air traffic control services.