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eBay announces full-scale service in Crimea not possible

The company's press service says eBay regrets being unable to provide its clients in Crimea with high-level support

MOSCOW, January 30. /TASS/. Online marketplace eBay is unable to set up a full-scale service in Crimea, eBay press service told TASS on Friday.

"eBay as a global e-commerce marketplace should have an opportunity to offer continuous services to its clients in all markets of our presence. We regret being unable to provide our clients in Crimea with high-level support. We informed all our clients there about the current situation and our service desk is ready to assist all of them. We apologize for the inconveniences and look forward to return to Crimea and support smooth operations of all our services when circumstances in the region change," eBay's press service added.

eBay's subsidiary PayPal already announced the suspension of services for Crimean residents. "Being a global financial service provider, we are doing our best to comply with laws across the world. We shall at the same time offer high level of services to our clients. We regret to say we are unable to provide services to clients in Crimea for the time being," PayPal press service told TASS.

Apple and Google also announced restrictions of their services in Russia because of US sanctions against Crimea.

eBay is the largest internet marketplace and operates — a website for sales of various goods. It is also the owner of PayPal and Ebay Enterprise. The company’s capitalization is valued at $66.4 billion.