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Russia remains important guarantor of global stability — Lavrov

Russia's top diplomat also namesd conditions necessary to mend the situation in Europe

MOSCOW, March 2. /TASS/. Russia continues to be an important guarantor of global stability and will continue to actively promote a unifying agenda, Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov said in an interview with Bulgaria’s International Affairs magazine.

"Russia, which is one of the leading centers of the emerging world, a permanent UN Security Council member, an important guarantor of global stability, will continue to be actively involved in promoting a positive, unifying, forward-looking agenda," the minister stressed.

"Moscow will contribute to the political and diplomatic settlement of numerous crises and conflicts, consistently uphold the values of truth, justice, broad equitable cooperation in world affairs,"  he vowed. 

According to Russia’s top diplomat, Moscow is invariably open to "the joint work of all those who likewise show willingness to effectively address global development issues."

Lavrov noted that, to radically remedy the situation in Europe and in the world at large, "it is necessary to abide by a number conditions."

"To begin with, [it is necessary] to abandon the emphasis on unilateral actions, pressure, threats and blackmail and strictly observe the fundamental principles of international life enshrined in the UN Charter, including countries’ sovereign equality [regardless of their size or form of government], non-interference in their internal affairs and resolution of disputes by peaceful means," he noted.