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Russia to adjust draft security guarantees after completing operation in Ukraine —diplomat

Future events in Ukraine will show how prepared the West is to take Russia's security concerns into account, Anatoly Antonov says

NEW YORK, June 18. /TASS/. Russian draft agreements on security guarantees will be reviewed when the special military operation in Ukraine is completed, Russian Ambassador to the United States Anatoly Antonov wrote in his article for Newsweek.

"Let me remind you that no one has removed the Russian draft agreements on security guarantees from the table. Of course, after the special military operation will be over, their content will have to be adapted to the realities," the diplomat wrote.

Future developments in Ukraine will reveal the degree of West’s readiness to take Russian security concerns into account, he continued.

"As for Ukraine itself, the development of the situation with this country is a litmus test that will show the readiness of Western states to take into account Russian concerns. Further progress towards the stabilization of European security will depend on the outcome of the crisis settlement process in Ukraine," the Russian embassy quoted Antonov as saying.

In his words, the United States has started to interfere in Russia’s domestic policy and create national security threats to the country, inching closer and closer to its borders.

"For a long time, we patiently explained to our colleagues the inadmissibility of such actions. We warned about the imminence of a strong and adequate response. They didn't listen to us and tried to ignore us purporting that our place is ‘in the back seat,’" he said.