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Embassy reports thwarted attack on Russian journalists in Berlin

It happened in a residential compound owned by Russia

BERLIN, May 7. /TASS/. A potential terrorist attack on Russian journalists was thwarted in the German capital of Berlin, the Russian embassy in Germany said in a statement on Saturday.

"A potential terrorist attack on Russian journalists and their families living in a residential compound owned by Russia was thwarted in Berlin on May 6," the statement reads. "In the afternoon, a window in one of the apartments was smashed by a bottle thrown from the street. A suspicious item consisting of a large canister filled with some liquid with a plastic bottle and a gas tank with wires attached to it was found in a niche of the building after the incident," the embassy added.

German law enforcement officers evacuated the building’s residents and called demining experts. "They confirmed that the item could be an improvised explosive device and decided to deactivate it on the spot as it was dangerous to move it. The activity resulted in no casualties," the statement added.

An investigation has been launched, the embassy is in contact with law enforcement agencies. Russian journalists have been provided with an opportunity to move to a safe place. Following the incident, the Russian embassy sent a note to the German Foreign Ministry, demanding that those responsible be identified.