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Center for coordination of Arctic scientific research to be located in Yamal

The center’s first expedition began on January 19

MOSCOW, February 1. /TASS/. /TASS/. The center for the Arctic scientific research coordination will be based at the Russian center for the Arctic development in the Yamalo-Nenets Region, the local department on science and innovations said after a meeting between the regional authorities and the scientific community on Thursday.

"This center will exclude double scientific research works, which happen sometimes, and will make more effective use of the financial, human and material resources," the department’s head, Alexei Titovsky said. "The system of gained knowledge about the Arctic in one center will offer higher level of information for the involved organizations and people about planned and completed scientific research activities."

According to the State Duma legislator Vladimir Pushkarev, close cooperation between the regional science and the "big" science via this center would favor better presentation of the Arctic region’s objectives at the federal level.

The Russian center for the Arctic development was established in 2014. Among his objectives is estimation of risks and offering solutions of the tasks, outlined in the documents on the state policies in the Arctic to 2020 and in the strategy for development of the Russian Arctic zone and for the national security to 2020.

The center’s first expedition began on January 19. The expedition participants will deliver and install a module based on a 40-ft container for studies of fish resources’ reproduction in the region’s lakes.