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Media: income of Sanya's farmers reached an average of $45,000 per hectare

SANYA, November 25. /TASS/. Hainan's Sanya produces on average 300,000 yuan (about $ 45,000) worth of products per hectare of agricultural land. According to the Sanya Daily newspaper, local producers have been able to achieve this figure above the national average through vigorous research into highly efficient tropical agriculture.

In recent years, Sanya has optimized the structure of the agro-industrial sector, introduced new technologies into production and significantly expanded the breeding base, which contributed to an increase in the income of local farmers, the publication specifies. Thus, rural businessmen in Sanya, who grow melons and gourds in the winter season, resort to drip irrigation technology, which allows them to efficiently use water resources and economically manage their farming.

The district city of Sanya is one of the southernmost settlements in China, located on a line of 18 degrees north latitude. This location in China is called a "natural greenhouse" because of the abundance of sunlight and tropical rain, it has natural advantages for the development of highly efficient tropical agriculture. They grow passion fruit, pitaya (the so-called dragon fruit), coconut, pomelo and many other tropical fruits. Moreover, Sanya also has opportunities for sea fishing, horticulture and animal husbandry.

The Chinese authorities pay great attention to the development of agriculture on Hainan. Thus, the country's government in 2020 provided 150 million yuan (about $ 22 million) for the development of the Nanfan breeding base near Sanya. Hybrid rice varieties of increased productivity are grown there — up to 313 centners per hectare.