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Putin highlights Russia’s willingness to cooperate in aviation and aerospace

The MAKS International Air Show kicks off in the Moscow Region today

MOSCOW, July 18. /TASS/. Russian President Vladimir Putin has forwarded his greetings to the participants and guests of the 13th MAKS International Air Show opening in Zhukovsky, the Moscow Region, on Tuesday, the Kremlin press service reported.

"The history of MAKS began 25 years ago with MosAeroShow held in the city of Zhukovsky. Over the years, the forum has transformed into an exhibition venue for outstanding premieres, advanced achievements in design concepts, rightfully becoming a global-scale event," the president noted.

"It is gratifying that Russian and foreign experts, industrialists and businesspeople analyze the processes taking place in the industry and present their views on its future," Putin stressed. "The contracts signed during the MAKS air show, the joint promising projects vividly demonstrate foreign partners’ interest in cooperating with Russia, including in implementing ambitious ideas that require pooling efforts, resources and intellectual potential."

"I have in mind the programs to create a series of long-range aircraft and space exploration. Our county is open to such mutually advantageous and effective work," the Russian president added.

The MAKS International Air Show is opening in Zhukovsky, the Moscow Region, on Tuesday. More than 650 Russian and foreign companies will display their products there. The exhibition will run from July 18 to July 23, Putin is scheduled to visit it on opening day.

"A total of 700 exhibits of military products will be presented. The achievements of the national defense industry will be demonstrated by 99 enterprises," the Russian Federal Service for Military-Technical Cooperation said. This year’s show will bring together about 180 foreign corporations and companies from 36 countries, which is more than last year’s when representatives of about 150 foreign companies from 30 countries visited the air show.