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Ukrainian radicals attempt blocking voting for Russians in Odessa

The radicals chanted: "Russians, vote in Russia, Ukraine is for Ukrainians only"

ODESSA, September 18. /TASS/. Representatives of Ukrainian nationalistic organizations attempted blocking entrance to the Russian consulate in Odessa, where Russian citizens may participate in the parliamentary elections, TASS reported from the site on Sunday.

Some ten nationalists began preventing Russian citizens from getting inside the building. The police there pushed away the nationalists, and a fight between them began.

The radicals chanted: "Russians, vote in Russia, Ukraine is for Ukrainians only," the source at the consulate said.

Spokesman of the National Police Ivan Ishchenko said four people were detained for insubordination to the police and for disorderly conduct. One of the detained is Sergei Sternenko - head of the local branch of the Right Sector (recognized as an extremist organization in Russia and outlawed).

On Sunday, elections to the State Duma, Russia’s lower house of Parliament, are in a split system: 225 members of parliament will be elected by party tickets, while the other 225 are going to be elected in one-seat constituencies. More than 111 million people are eligible to vote in the elections and no minimal turnout is required. Fourteen parties are on the election ballot.