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Russia’s UN envoy calls on world community to put pressure on US, Israel

According to Vasily Nebenzya, the chances of moving the conflict into a diplomatic domain "look elusive"

UNITED NATIONS, May 21. /TASS/. As hostilities press on in Gaza, the international community should continue to exert pressure on Israel, and its main ally, the US, said Vasily Nebenzya, Russia's envoy to the UN.

"Under these circumstances, the international community needs to continue to put pressure on both West Jerusalem and its main ally, Washington," he said at a UN Security Council meeting dedicated to the situation in Rafah.

According to Nebenzya, the chances of moving the conflict into a diplomatic domain "look elusive."

"We see that the current Israeli leadership intends to continue military operations even as it becomes increasingly obvious that accomplishing all the stated goals of its operation is impossible. Unfortunately, such stubbornness also threatens the lives of the Israeli hostages, reducing with each passing day the chances of their relatives to see their loved ones alive," the diplomat stated.

Nebenzya mentioned that the US recently approved a bill to allocate more than $26 billion to the Jewish state, an amount that is almost 8 times as much as the US usually provides to the country.

"Israel will receive new bombs and missiles to destroy Palestinian civilians. This is how much the United States actually cares about peace in the Middle East," the diplomat said.