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Pentagon chief promises 'steady flow' of weapons to Ukraine 'week after week'

US Defense Secretary Lloyd Austin emphasized that "much more US military assistance" is on its way to Ukraine

WASHINGTON, May 20. /TASS/. American weapons and military equipment will go to Ukraine in a steady flow week by week, US Defense Secretary Lloyd Austin said.

"Thanks to the passage of the supplemental [aid package], we'll continue to approve substantial security assistance packages for Ukraine. And you'll see a steady flow of US [military] assistance to Ukraine week after week," he said, opening the virtual meeting of the 22nd Ukraine Defense Contact Group.

"The security assistance that we are now rushing to Ukraine will make a difference in this fight," Austin said. According to him, the supplies include 155 mm artillery shells, ammunition for HIMARS multiple rocket launchers, air defense equipment and armored vehicles. The Pentagon chief emphasized that "much more [US military] assistance" is on its way to Ukraine. These supplies will include ammunition for NASAMS and Patriot air defense systems, additional HIMARS systems and ammunition for them, Stinger anti-aircraft missiles, and Javelin and AT4 anti-armor systems, Austin listed.

In addition, he confirmed that at the current meeting of the group he will seek the transfer of additional air defense assets to Kiev from foreign allies and partners. "Air defense will be high on our agenda today. And I'll be urging all of our valued allies and partners to reassess their ability to get Ukraine the air-defense capabilities that it so urgently needs," Austin said.

In late April, US President Joe Biden signed a package of bills approved by the US Congress to resume arms deliveries to Ukraine, Israel and Taiwan. The package was worth 95 billion dollars. It includes 61 billion dollars for Kiev. Immediately after the head of state signed these bills, the Pentagon announced that it would send Ukraine arms and equipment worth one billion dollars. Washington then allocated the next batch of weapons worth 400 million dollars to Kiev.

Russian President Vladimir Putin pointed out that the delivery of new weapons to Ukraine would not change the situation on the front, but would only prolong the conflict.