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No battlefield solution to conflict in Ukraine, says top Hungarian diplomat

Peter Szijjarto highlighted the need to search for a solution through a ceasefire and talks

TOKYO, May 21. /TASS/. The conflict in Ukraine cannot be resolved on the battlefield, Hungarian Foreign Minister Peter Szijjarto said.

"There is no solution on the battleground for this war. What you have on the battleground is dead people and destruction, but no solution. The Western world has spent multiple hundreds of billions of euros - or dollars, if you wish - so far on weapon deliveries. Could Ukraine break through? No, it couldn't," he pointed out, speaking at the Sasakawa Peace Foundation, Japan’s leading think tank.

Szijjarto emphasized the need to understand that it was impossible to defeat a nuclear super power but added that Russia could not win because weapons supplies to Kiev were enough to preserve the status quo. That said, the top Hungarian diplomat highlighted the need to search for a solution through a ceasefire and talks.

Russian President Vladimir Putin earlier pointed out that unlike Kiev, Moscow had never refused to engage in talks. However, after being repeatedly cheated on, Russia now wants to understand who is worth talking to and who can be trusted. According to Putin, agreements should be based on the 2022 draft Istanbul accords but it is also necessary to take today’s realities into account. The Kremlin has said repeatedly that Russia will only make agreements on its own terms, while attempts to impose any rules on Moscow will not be tolerated.