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Russian troops destroy Ukrainian Baba Yaga drones more effectively with thermal imagers

According to CEO of Laboratory PPSh Denis Oslomenko, the Baba Yaga drone flies through Starlink and cannot be supressed

MOSCOW, May 20. /TASS/. Thermal imagers with screens mounted on small arms help Russian fighters at night to destroy effectively Ukrainian Baba Yaga drones that evade jamming, CEO of Laboratory PPSh Denis Oslomenko told TASS on Monday.

"A Baba Yaga drone flies through Starlink. It can be detected but cannot be suppressed. It can be destroyed only by small arms, for example, by AKs [Kalashnikov assault rifles], if you have a thermal imaging sight. However, it is very inconvenient to look into the thermal imaging sight with one eye to search for the target. That is why thermal imaging sights with screens really help fighters very much: they mount them on assault rifles and PKMs [upgraded Kalashnikov machine-guns] and install them on quad bikes to shoot drones down," the chief executive said.

Laboratory PPSh is a Russian company that provides information security services and products, including telephone line protectors, wireless communications blockers and drone suppressors, in particular, LPD-801 and LPD-802 anti-drone guns and the Triton electronic warfare system.

Ukrainian Baba Yaga drone

Baba Yaga embraces a broad range of six-or eight-rotor modified agricultural drones. A technical specialist of the tech firm Eliars that produces anti-drone guns told TASS that such drones have several signal receivers. The Baba Yaga employs a frequency hopping algorithm. In addition, it uses self-rescue modes when out of radio communication.