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Women play increasingly influential role in resolving global issues, Putin says

Among such tasks, the Russian President listed the issues of stable economic development, the global climate agenda, the problems of ecology and environment

ST. PETERSBURG, October 14. /TASS/. Women play an increasingly important role in the resolution of global issues, Russian President Vladimir Putin told the Third Eurasian Women’s Forum in St. Petersburg on Thursday.

"The modern dynamically changing world sets new tasks for the society, for the state. Undoubtedly, women play an increasingly more significant role in their resolution," Putin said.

Among such tasks, he listed the issues of stable economic development, the global climate agenda, the problems of ecology, environment, as well as the new approaches to education as a "life-long process" and the aspiration to build the social support system on more balanced and fair principles.

"Overcoming the consequences of the coronavirus pandemic became a global challenge. Worldwide, female doctors, medics went to the frontline of the fight against the pandemic, assumed the heaviest load. Millions of people across the world are grateful to them for their rescue," the president continued.

He emphasized that women "with their heightened understanding of life’s values, compassion, mercy have always had a special mission in healthcare." "I am confident that it will remain the same in the future. Including in defining the further actions in the medical sphere taking into account the lessons of the pandemic," the head of state noted.

Key progress factor

He also gave high marks to women’s activity in seeking answers to global and local challenges, their active participation in all spheres of life which serves common interests and facilitates the maximum release of human potential. "Today this is a key progress factor, of moving forward, of changes for the best across the globe, both within the framework of separate states and globally," Putin said.

He greeted the forum’s participants and reiterated that the first forum took place in 2015. According to the president, the event is viewed as one the most respected international venues. The head of state thought it was incredible that despite the pandemic the forum attracted female politicians, entrepreneurs and activists from over 100 countries.