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Chongming's 100,000 mu land is ready for investment from all over the world

SHANGHAI, April 29, 2019 /PRNewswire/ -- The press conference of 2019 Global Agriculture Investment in Chongming, Shanghai was held at Shanghai International Convention Center on April 28. Hosted by the People's Government of Chongming District, Shanghai, and executed by the Agricultural and Rural Committee of Chongming District, Shanghai and the Press Office of the People's Government of Chongming District, Shanghai, the conference attracted more than 60 domestic and international media.

Farmland of good quality in Chongming with total area amounting to 100,000 mu (66.7 square kilometers) is inviting investment of high-quality agricultural business entities. They are competitive to the market, attractive to the public and promising for the future, as a driving force for farmers. 

Chongming Island, already a place of great distinction, has set out a blueprint to go green. A quarter of the island is forested, one-third is basic farmland and two core water resources, and a perfect place for China's third largest island to build an eco-system.

In 2016, Shanghai announced its "Chongming World-Class Eco-Island Development 13th Five-year Plan (2016-20)". By 2020, Chongming will be characterized by green development, culture, wisdom and sustainability.

Chongming supplies organic fruits and vegetables throughout Shanghai. Natural wetlands, fresh air and clean waterways have made the island a favorite getaway spot for those seeking a respite from the urban hubbub.

Chongming's rich natural resources and excellent advantages in eco-foundation means the area is ideally fertile for crop development.

"Ecological industry is the core of making Chongming as a world-class eco-island," says Li Zheng, Mayor of Chongming District. "Chongming aims to promote the development of green agriculture innovation with ecological, high-quality and international ideas."

In 2019, the investment plan offers 128 high-quality plots of 100 mu, totaling more than 103,000 mu. Among them, the area of town-level farmland is 82,000 mu (including the economic land under the forest). The two plots of Shanghai Land (Group)Co., Ltd cover more than 17,000 mu. Bright Food (Group)Co., Ltd. supplies a plot of 680 mu. The four plots of district-level state-owned agricultural land totals 2,600 mu.

This year, Chongming agricultural investment focuses on modern agricultural planting, leisure agriculture, factory farming and under-forest economy. Among 128 plots, there are 97 agricultural planting plots with a total area of 61,000 mu; 17 leisure agricultural plots with a total area of 8,500 mu; eight factory farming with a total area of 3,000 mu; six economic land under the forest with a total area of 30,000 mu. 

In addition to media news promotion, Chongming also adopted the targeted investment model for the first time this year. 

"Peer-to-peer" aims at high-quality investment entities such as world-class enterprises, domestic industry leaders and large-scale group companies. The government will also send investment invitation to the consulates, countries and regions of along the Belt and Road, provincial chambers of commerce, domestic agricultural enterprises, flower companies and cross-border groups.

The main leaders of Chongming District will also visit the world-renowned enterprises such as Armada Group of the Netherlands, Danziger Group of Israel, Country Garden and New Hope, promoting investment and building a bridge between government and enterprises.

Meanwhile, the Wechat account "Chongming Agricultural Investment Promotion" has been upgraded and optimized to support the resources of investment promotion services. You can check the township, area, price, turnover period and land use of the plot on this platform. 

After settling down in Chongming, the high-quality agricultural entities that meet the standards can apply for urban modern agricultural projects, and science and technology agricultural projects. The projects cover all stages of agricultural production, processing, sales, researching and development. In terms of financial support, these entities can have special fund support, loan interest subsidy policy, preferential agricultural price policy, and exemption from VAT concession at the national, municipal and district levels.

For further information, please scan the QR code to check the Wechat account "Chongming Agricultural Investment Promotion".