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Russian embassy monitors situation regarding child hospitalized in Spain’s Ibiza

The girl allegedly got poisoned with drugs
A typical Ibiza view dominated by white-colored buildings Pedro Coll/EFE
A typical Ibiza view dominated by white-colored buildings
© Pedro Coll/EFE

MADRID, July 19. /TASS/. The Russian Embassy in Spain is monitoring the situation regarding the hospitalization of a three-year old Russian girl who allegedly swallowed an ecstasy pill in Spain’s Ibiza by accident, the Russian diplomatic mission in Madrid informed TASS on Friday.

"We are aware of the situation and are monitoring it; the consulate general keeps us informed. Russia’s Honorary Consul on the Balearic Islands is now involved," the embassy noted.

The Russian Consulate General in Barcelona informed TASS that they had received information "from various sources" that the Russian girl that has been "vacationing with her parents was accidentally poisoned by an ecstasy pill." "The Spanish medical professionals have transferred her to a hospital in Mallorca. She is currently in the children’s intensive care unit in one of the island’s hospitals," the diplomatic mission informed, adding that there have been no "official requests to the consulate general" from the girl’s parents or Spanish officials.

Earlier, the Spanish Civil Guard confirmed that the girl might have swallowed an ecstasy pill on the island of Ibiza. The local law enforcement stated that the child was likely to have found drugs on a local playground. According to the Mundo daily, the girl’s parents claimed that she could have found the drugs on the floor of their holiday home. The Spanish police is investigating into the incident.