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Avtovaz resumes Niva Legend and Lada Granta production ahead of schedule

The supply situation remains tense, the official company representative noted

MOSCOW, June 11. / TASS /. Russian automaker Avtovaz has resumed the production of Niva Legend and Lada Granta ahead of schedule, the official company representative told TASS on Friday.

"In connection with the resumption of supplies of the necessary electronic components, Avtovaz launched production on lines 3 and 5 earlier than planned (Niva Legend and Lada Granta). Nevertheless, the supply situation remains tense, and we are closely monitoring it," the representative said. Previously, Avtovaz planned to stop production on these lines due to a shortage of electronic components from June 7 to 11 and resume production on June 15.

Over the past month, Avtovaz has already stopped production of some models three times due to a shortage of electronic components. On June 10, a company representative told TASS about the launch of the previously suspended production on the B0 line, where the Lada X-Ray and Lada Largus models are produced. Production on the Lada Granta and Niva Legend lines, suspended from June 7 to 11, was resumed on June 11. Currently, all production lines are operating as usual.

The Association of European Businesses in Russia has previously stated that it expects sales volumes in Russia to decrease by most car manufacturers this summer due to a shortage of electronic components worldwide. In recent months, world automakers have been experiencing problems due to a shortage in the market for semiconductors and other auto components. American General Motors, Japanese Toyota Motor, South Korean Hyundai Motor were forced to suspend the work of some of their factories or reduce production due to interruptions in the supply of microcircuits.