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Center for trade disputes settlement to be established on Hainan

The center will play an important part in turning Hainan into a top-notch business cluster

SANYA, June 14./TASS/. China's City of Sanya (southern province of Hainan) will establish a consultative center for settling international trade disputes, the Hainan Daily newspaper reported.  

The new structure will be created with the participation of government institutions and organizations responsible for trade, legal system, maritime affairs and market regulation. The center will play an important part in shaping up a fair and more convenient international business climate by means of providing professional legal support to the business. 

The center will provide services for state and private organizations, as well as individuals in case the need for international dispute mediation arises (particularly in trade and maritime affairs). The consultations will be held online and offline. The authorities vow trade dispute settlement will be "harmonious, mutually beneficial and equal". 

Sanya City Court, Haikou Maritime Court, Sanya Justice Department, Sanya Commerce Directorate, Sanya International Trade Facilitation Committee and a number of other institutions will assist in organizing the center’s activities. Both Chinese and foreign lawyers will be be invited to participate in the center's work.