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Nornickel: Norilsk sports and recreation complex to open doors in 2020

The new complex will be the main training base for the Norilsk Nickel Futsal Club

KRASNOYARSK, April 11. /TASS/. A new sports and recreation complex in Norilsk (the Krasnoyarsk Region) will open 2020, Head of Non-Industrial Construction Department at Nornickel’s Polar Division Pavel Neputin told reporters on Thursday.

The sports and recreation complex is built under an agreement between the Krasnoyarsk Region, Nornickel and the Norilsk administration.

"We are finalizing the zero stage (the basement) and will begin to install the steelwork," the company’s representative said. "The complex will open doors in summer, 2020."

Nornickel’s press service told TASS investments in the project were at 1.7 billion rubles ($26 million). Nornickel undertakes the construction expenses.

The new complex will be the main training base for the Norilsk Nickel Futsal Club. The complex with the capacity of 1,000 fans will host Russian futsal championships. The medical facility there has up-to-date equipment, including for doping control.

The complex will be available also for amateurs. It will host competitions in volleyball, basketball, badminton and other sports. The sports and recreation complex will be convenient for people with limited mobility.

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