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Russian defense firm develops artificial intelligence system to fight illegal drones

The new product is known under the working name of Solaris

MOSCOW, July 25. /TASS/. Sozvezdiye Group (part of Ruselectronics Holding Company within the state hi-tech corporation Rostec) has created a radio-electronic system based on artificial intelligence to fight illegal drones, with the first deliveries expected in 2019, Sozvezdiye Chief Alexei Bocharov told TASS on Wednesday.

"Sozvezdiye Group has accumulated substantial potential for solving this task [fighting illegal drones] at a high professional level through electronic warfare measures by suppressing the drone’s control, telemetry and communications channels," the Sozvezdiye chief executive said.

"In particular, we are creating a small-size mobile electronic warfare system capable of turning a drone into useless metal scrap. Many throw nets at drones, sprinkle them with paint to obscure the camera but we simply deprive drones of their control," he said.

The new system is currently undergoing its experimental operation and its first deliveries may begin in 2019, Bocharov said.

"Prototypes exist and experimental operation is underway and it is necessary to prepare for serial production," he noted.

Technology of fight against illegal drones

The new product is known under the working name of Solaris. Its elements and the general concept are being finalized.

"We are using domestic artificial intelligence solutions in the new system. It is necessary to make the system learn 10,000-20,000 standard situations to produce selective impacts on objects. In other words, artificial intelligence will automatically make ‘friend or foe’ decisions based on an array of signs, situations and the object’s behavioral characteristics," Bocharov said.

Comprehensive solutions are needed in addition to technical equipment to fight illegal drones more effectively, he stressed.

As an example, he cited the initiative of marking all drones with special micro-chips to identify their owners.

"Such a micro-chip is being developed by one of our partner companies. Besides, its specialists have developed a software and hardware set for a situational center that can get information on the air situation with the markings of all legally flying drones," he said.