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Czech NGO People in Need banned in Donetsk over provocative activity

Among the reasons behind the ban are corruption schemes and sneering attitude to the people of the DPR

DONETSK, November 28. /TASS/. The decision on depriving the Czech NGO People in Need of its accreditation was taken unanimously by the self-proclaimed Donetsk People’s Republic over its provocative activity, DPR’s envoy to the Minsk talks for the Donbass settlement, Denis Pushilin, said.

The DPR’s interdepartmental committee for accreditation of humanitarian missions announced the decision on November 25. The organization, which provides relief and development assistance, will be banned to work in the republic and its staff members, who are nationals for foreign countries, have been requested to leave the republic’s territory.

"This comes due to a number of violations by the organization, including corruption schemes, attempts to bring humanitarian assistance to later sell it under pretext of spoilage, carrying out provocative activity and a very sneering attitude to the people of the DPR," said Pushilin, who also heads the interdepartmental committee for accreditation of humanitarian missions.

The DPR is also outraged by the recent meeting of one of the organization’s leaders, Jaromir Stetina, with the members of Ukraine’s Azov nationalist battalion. Stetina met with the battalion’s leader Andrei Biletsky and invited him to attend a press conference in the European Parliament devoted to the "Russian occupation of Donbass."

"The committee could no more put a blind eye to the behavior of representatives of the humanitarian organization, even taking into consideration the assistance that the People in Need provided to the republic. That’s why a unanimous decision was taken to strip the Czech organization of its accreditation," Pushilin said.