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Russia's top diplomat vows to continue protecting rights of compatriots living abroad

MOSCOW, March 5. /TASS/. Russia’s Foreign Ministry will continue doing what is necessary to ensure the legitimate interests of compatriots living abroad, Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov said in a welcome address to participants in an international forum dubbed Together with Russia. The address was read out by Russian Deputy Foreign Minister Alexander Pankin on Monday.

"Today’s meeting is dedicated to the most pressing issues related to the multifaceted activities of the Russian World, aimed at engaging compatriots in our country’s social and political life, including the upcoming presidential election (due on March 18)," Lavrov said.

According to him, "it is hard to overestimate the contribution that the Russian communities based abroad, supported by the World Coordination Council, have made into expanding the Russian-language space and countering attempts to distort history, including the outcome of World War II."

"It is particularly good to see young compatriots take an active part in these activities," Lavrov added.

"We will continue to do what is necessary to ensure the legitimate interests of compatriots living abroad," the Russian top diplomat stressed. "I am confident that the forum’s debates will facilitate the search for effective solutions to the tasks that we have been facing, including preparations for the Sixth World Congress of Russian Compatriots, scheduled to be held later in the year," Lavrov said.

The Together with Russia forum is particularly intended to discuss the most pressing concerns of Russians living abroad and members of Russian communities, as well as to develop initiatives to engage them in Russia’s political and social life.