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Russian Foreign Ministry says late diplomat Polshikov not related to trafficking case

Pyotr Polshikov's death was a tragic accident, the ministry says

MOSCOW, February 27. /TASS/. The late official from the Russian Foreign Ministry's Latin American department, Pyotr Polshikov was not related in any way to the drugs trafficking case, the ministry said on Tuesday.

"In spite of official statements by the Foreign Ministry, the FSB federal security service and the Russian embassy in Buenos Aires, some media continue circulating ambiguous or explicitly libelous materials," it said. "Unfortunately, they do not have mercy in this propaganda battle even for those who are no longer here with us in this world anymore," the ministry said.

"His [Pyotr Polshikov's] death in a tragic accident, which had no relationship to his occupational duties, has been fully confirmed," the report said.

A number of media outlets said earlier the senior counsellor of the Russian Foreign Ministry’s Latin American department, Pyotr Polshikov had died because of alleged connections with drug cartels.

In reality, he died in December 2016 in Moscow in an accident.