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Russia's envoy explains why Donbass conflict is likely to remain ‘frozen’

MINSK, February 14. /TASS/. The conflict in Donbass will remain ‘frozen’ for a long period of time unless a political solution is found, Russia’s Special Representative to the Contact Group Boris Gryzlov told reporters after a regular round of peace talks in Minsk on Wednesday.

"The Russian delegation has again pointed out that if Ukraine does not stop blocking the work for a political solution to the conflict, the current situation will be doomed to long-term freezing," Gryzlov said.

"That is why the fundamental condition for the settlement is that Ukraine’s legislation needs to ensure a special status for Donbass, and it needs to be introduced under the Steinmeier formula, along with amnesty for participants in the conflict," he added.

"Therefore, we raised a question that the operation of the political subgroup should be defrosted by Ukraine."