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Putin blasts ‘monsters’ who drive kids to commit suicide, goad teens into lawless rallies

The Russian president emphasized that "we must not allow anyone to do such things"

MOSCOW, March 4. /TASS/. Russian President Vladimir Putin hammered home the fact that nobody has any right whatsoever to use children and teenagers in order to profit off them, addressing participants of the We Are Together nationwide volunteer campaign on Thursday.

The head of state was outraged by those who profit off of inciting young people to commit suicide or take part in unauthorized rallies. "On the Internet, we are faced with the promotion of child pornography, child prostitution, the distribution of drugs, where the target audience is precisely kids and teenagers, goading them into the same street to hang out, fight with the police, and then hide behind [those] children," Putin pointed out.

He noted that these people "manage to arrange their activities so as to profit off of it all, they post advertisements in addition to other things." "When police catch up with these monsters, you can imagine that they turn out to be completely different. It is one thing when someone pretends to be ever so cool, acting like Rambo, surfing the Internet and urging some boy or girl to jump off a roof - and build an entire theory to achieve their goal - but as soon as the police come, they literally crap their pants. They are bastards, mere pests no one would feel sorry for when crushing them," Putin said. "We must not allow anyone to do such things," the Russian president emphasized, adding that he would like "the overwhelming majority of citizens to grasp this danger to the country’s future."