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Lavrov: Russia supports Argentina’s principles of G20 presidency

We regard as very useful the frank dialogue among the G20 foreign ministers, he said

MOSCOW, May 19. /TASS/. Argentina’s approaches to G20 presidency are consonant with Russia’s and Moscow supports these principles, Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov told the Argentine daily Clarin in an interview.

"We regard as very useful the frank dialogue among the G20 foreign ministers (to be held in Buenos Aires on May 21 - TASS)," Lavrov said. "In this context we hail Argentina’s initiative to push ahead with efforts within this format."

"Also, we supported Argentina’s proposals for the agenda of the foreign ministers’ meeting this year," he said. "We hope that its results, in combination with efforts along the other G20 tracks (their list has now grown to 14) will prove a tangible contribution to preparations for the summit."

Lavrov believes that amid devaluation of international law and waning strength of international institutions the demand for identifying points of agreement merely soars.

Moscow is certain that "development priorities that matter for the whole of humanity - and not just select few - should be made the cornerstone."

"The imperative of the day is to identify global solutions to be developed with reliance on the principle of multilateralism and respect for the interests of all countries without exception," Lavrov said.