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Sevmorput container ship delivers 15,000 tonnes of cargo for airfield on Franz Josef Land

The cargo is intended to carry on the construction of a runway at the Northern Fleet’s all-weather Nagurskaya airfield, according to the Fleet’s press service

MURMANSK, June 3. /TASS/. The Sevmorput nuclear-powered icebreaking LASH carrier and container ship delivered to Alexandra Land Island, the Franz Josef Land Archipelago in the Arctic, more than 15,000 tonnes of construction materials for the Northern Fleet’s Nagurskaya airfield, the Northern Fleet’s press service reported on Tuesday.

"The cargo, most of which are reinforced concrete slabs, is intended to carry on the construction of a runway at the Northern Fleet’s all-weather Nagurskaya airfield," the press service said.

According to the Fleet, the Nagurskaya airfield was opened in spring 2020 and works as planned while the construction there is underway.

The airfield is serviced by the Northern Fleet’s tactical personnel at Russia’s northernmost military base — the Arctic Shamrock. Nagurskaya is also the northernmost high-latitude airfield in the Arctic, which can serve aircraft of various classes, including Iluyshin Il-76 airlifter, the press service added.