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Lukashenko says Poland is most active near Belarusian borders

According to the head of Belarus, the intensity of reconnaissance flights near Belarusian borders is not decreasing

MINSK, October 4. /TASS/. Belarusian President Alexander Lukashenko on Tuesday said Poland shows the most activity near the borders of his country, creating a new mechanized brigade

"Poland is the most active. A new mechanized division is being formed in the south of the Belarusian axis, regular brigades of territorial defense of Poland are being created in the north and east of the country," he said at a meeting on military security, the BelTA news service reported.

According to the head of state, the intensity of reconnaissance flights near Belarusian borders is not decreasing. "Much operational and combat training is carried out, including on the Pabrade training ground in Lithuania, which is located just 15 km from the state border of Belarus, Lukashenko said. "Under the guise of supporting Kiev, some European countries are implementing their plans to acquire modern weapons and equipment, and strengthen their armies."

Lukashenko said that the geography of arms purchases is expanding. "South Korea was added to the traditional US and Germany. Instead of supporting its population in a difficult socio-economic environment, the Polish government plans to increase its military budget," the president said.

Lithuania and Latvia are also trying to keep pace in the arms race, according to him, but they don’t have enough money, so they are asking NATO to strengthen its presence in these countries by deploying battalion brigade combat tactical groups.

"They have started building new military encampments for their permanent accommodation, including in the immediate proximity to our border: 20 kilometers away," the president said.

In addition, Lithuania announced plans to purchase US-made HIMARS multiple launch rocket systems.

"There is no need to explain to military people why they want them, I think," the president said.