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Withdrawing Ukrainian forces destroy agriculture, vehicles in DPR — Minister

Artyom Kramarenko pointed out that the actions of the Ukrainian army aim to totally paralyze the management of the industry in the DPR

ROVNOYE /Donetsk People’s Republic/, August 5. /TASS/. Withdrawing Ukrainian forces completely destroy agricultural infrastructure and vehicles in the republic, DPR Minister of agricultural policy and food Artyom Kramarenko told reporters Friday.

"Of course, [hostilities] has affected [the industry]. First of all, it is damage and destruction that farms suffer on the liberated territories. Oftentimes, we see that Ukrainian forces completely destroy agricultural infrastructure, destroy vehicles," Kramarenko said during the handover of leased vehicles in the settlement of Rovnoye.

According to the Minister, the withdrawing Ukrainian authority takes away all documents on development of the agricultural industry in the republic.

"The actions [of Ukrainian forces] aim to totally paralyze the management of the industry [in the republic]. This is connected to the fact that the Ukrainian authority completely takes away documents connected to development of the industry as it withdraws. All databases are long gone. Therefore, we effectively have to deploy industry management from scratch," Kramarneko said.

He also noted that mining of the fields is an issue of its own.

"Apart from the destruction, there is a separate issue: mining of fields, and remnants of explosive munitions in the combat zone. It will take years for our Ministry of Emergency Situations and the military to deal with it," the Minister added.