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Transnistria foreign minister demands de jure recognition of region

It is stated that Chisinau is not sure what to do in relations with Transnistria

MOSCOW, June 2. /TASS/. Transnistria’s independence should be recognized de jure, as peace talks with Moldova have stalled, the self-proclaimed republic’s foreign minister said on Thursday.

Moldova has not made a single step toward "a civilized peaceful settlement" of the conflict, Vitaly Ignatyev told Rossiya 24 channel. "The negotiation process has degraded, the earlier signed agreements have not been fulfilled, supplies of some categories of food products, medicines and other goods have been blocked," Ignatyev said, adding that dialog had broken down on Moldova’s "initiative".

Chisinau is not sure what to do in relations with Transnistria, he noted. "Moldova is seeking maximum integration with Romania, and we are obviously facing a new reality, when what has de facto existed for over 30 years needs to be recognized de jure," Ignatyev said.

Bucharest is Chisinau’s strategic partner, Ignatyev added. Romanian history has been taught in Moldova’s schools, more than 1 million people in the country hold Romanian citizenship. "All the ruling elite are citizens of Romania or other European countries and have been educated their." "The integration of Moldova and Romania has been going on at the highest level," he said.