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Medvedev laces into West’s hate-filled sanctions targeting ordinary Russians

The Russophobia even spreads to Russian culture, the Deputy Chairman of the Russian Security Council pointed out

MOSCOW, May 31. /TASS/. The West's sanctions are specifically targeting Russian people, and these decisions are based precisely on hatred towards Russians, Deputy Chairman of the Russian Security Council Dmitry Medvedev asserted.

"Whom is all of this against? A repugnant conclusion suggests on its own that these sanctions are directed precisely against the Russian people," the politician wrote on his Telegram channel on Tuesday. "This conclusion is disheartening yet, unfortunately, it is true. They hate us all! These decisions are based on hatred towards Russia, towards Russians, and towards all of its inhabitants," he stressed.

The ex-PM concluded that it is impossible to punish the president or the country’s political and military leadership with these restrictions. "This is obvious. And these planners recognize this. None of us own any foreign property, accounts or significant interests abroad. We don’t go there for leisure or work," he explained. According to the politician, Russia’s major business players, undoubtedly, suffered serious financial damage by losing their foreign property. "Yet, let’s be honest - these seizures are not fatal at all for them. They will survive regardless. They have enough left in Russia anyway. This is enough both for them and their descendants," according to the Security Council’s deputy chairman. Accordingly, the Russian people are the main target.

Western policy objectives

"Irrespective of what American and European grandpas and grandmas babble on about, saying they are punishing your superiors but they love you, the ordinary people, these are nothing but pure lies. What is the goal sought after by the arrest of Russia’s Central Bank assets and other state assets? A simple one. To harm the economy, to attack the ruble, to ramp up inflation and hike prices in stores, meaning, to bring down the quality of life for the average Russian," he stated. The same goes for the embargo on purchasing oil and gas from Russia. The goal is to decrease budget revenues and force the state to abandon its social obligations including adjusting incomes for inflation, to impact taxpayers in the cities and the countryside. "A ban on our flights, on trips to many countries, a ban on using payment instruments are against whom? Again, against ordinary citizens, to make it unpleasant precisely for them. Not for the mythical bosses, or for fat cats, but precisely for them," Medvedev argued.

Speaking of hatred towards Russians, the politician also pointed out that this Russophobia even spreads to Russian culture. "Hence the cancellation of Tolstoy, Chekhov, Tchaikovsky and Shostakovich. Hatred for our religion. Hence the desire to decimate the Russian Orthodox Church and introduce sanctions against its patriarch. And that has been the case almost always. During the Alexander Nevsky era, during the Time of Troubles, and during the 1812 patriotic war. And, of course, in the 20th century, when the USSR constantly lived under numerous sanctions. I won’t even mention that at the end of the 1930s, the Western world was hoping that the USSR would perish in a struggle with Hitler," he wrote.

According to Medvedev, "this hatred is repulsive and irrational." "Yet this doesn’t mean that we should accept it. It is simply necessary to draw all the necessary conclusions for the future. To remember this attitude towards us. And not to forgive those who hate us. Never," the politician concluded.