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Four Ukrainian soldiers killed in skirmish with Right Sector activists in Donbass

The nationalists clashed with the military over the Tsarskaya Okhota compound in Avdeyevka

DONETSK, April 14. /TASS/. Four Ukrainian soldiers were killed in a skirmish with activists of the Right Sector nationalist organization (outlawed in Russia) in the settlement of Avdeyevka, Daniil Bezsonov, a spokesman for the defense ministry of the self-proclaimed Donetsk People’s Republic (DPR), said on Sunday.

"Right Sector militants who arrived in Avdeyevka seized the premises of the Tsarskaya Okhota compound without consent from the command of the 93rd brigade," the Donetsk News Agency quoted him as saying.

According to the spokesman, Right Sector activists clashed with the military over the compound, with both parties sustaining losses. Thus, in his words, four Ukrainian servicemen were killed in the skirmish.