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Traffic cams fine drivers for car’s shadow in oncoming lane, flash as vehicle on shoulder

The traffic police have promised to annul the fine in the first case and are reviewing the second one

MOSCOW, August 30. /TASS/. Two Moscow drivers have filed complaints over being fined based on a video snapshot by the city’s traffic cams showing the car’s shadow falling in the oncoming traffic lane and another for a headlight glint that was recorded as a vehicle driving illegally along the road shoulder, police sources told TASS.

In the first case, the traffic cam recorded the driver proceeding along the road in his car with the vehicle’s shadow falling on the dividing line of the oncoming traffic lane. Consequently, he was fined for violating the rules of the road.

The city’s traffic police explained that this was the result of a technical malfunction and promised to annul the fine.

The second driver was penalized for driving along the road’s shoulder but the camera recorded only the glint of his headlights on the wet road.

"Traffic police are reviewing his complaint and he will get a reply in the near future," a police source told TASS.