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Russia calls for laying down clear-cut rules for Internet governance

The official recalled that in countries without any government regulation in the sphere, private companies can make discriminatory decisions against certain market participants

WUXI /China/, November 15. /TASS/. Russia is calling on the world community to establish clear-cut global legislation on Internet governance, Russian Deputy Minister of Digital Development, Communications and Mass Media Alexei Volin told reporters on the sidelines of the China-Russia Internet Media Forum in China’s eastern city of Wuxi on Friday.

"Since drug propaganda is banned in Russia and China, it cannot be spread over the Internet in these two countries. Since there are some outlawed terrorist organizations, they must not have any chance to promote themselves and recruit supporters on the territory of these two countries. These are perfectly clear and transparent principles, which, unfortunately, are not always supported by our colleagues in Western countries who believe that there should be no special laws and rules on the Internet," Volin pointed out.

At the same time, in his words, a number of countries, "where there is no government regulation [of the Internet], use private companies to make discriminatory decisions against some market participants." "We call for setting up clear rules of the game on the Internet so that everyone can understand how, where and what to do," the Russian deputy minister emphasized.

"Can private companies establish such rules? We think they cannot. Can some countries set up global rules? They can’t do it either because the Internet brings together many nations," Volin noted. In his view, countries "need to sit down and agree on the rules of the game."

"We believe that in this regard, the United Nations platform is the most appropriate, it has proved to be the most successful," the Russian official said.