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Progress MS-17 spacecraft undocks from ISS over Mongolia

Spacecraft will have to spend 29 hours in autonomous flight

MOSCOW, October 21. /TASS/. Progress MS-17 cargo spacecraft has undocked from the Poisk module, according to the Roscosmos website.

The spacecraft has departed from the International Space Station (ISS). As Roscosmos stated, at this time, the spacecraft is likely to fly over the steppes of Mongolia. Then Progress MS-17 will have to spend 29 hours in autonomous flight. After that, it will dock with Russia’s new Nauka module early on Friday morning.

The maneuver will be held to prepare the Nauka module for the reception of the new Prichal nodal module. Progress MS-17 cargo spacecraft should finally leave the ISS and de-orbit immediately before the launch of Progress M-UM module with a nodal module in November.

Progress MS is a Russian automatic spacecraft, which was designed for servicing orbital stations. It is used to deliver various cargoes to the ISS such as fuel, scientific experiments oxygen, water and food, as well as to adjust its orbit.