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First division of Iskander-M missiles delivered to Russia’s southern military district

Next year two more missile brigades will be armed with the tactical missile systems Iskander-M, official said

SETTLEMENT MOLKINO (Krasnodar territory), December 17. /ITAR-TASS/. The first division of the tactical missile systems Iskander-M of the military brigade of the Russian Southern Military District was delivered to the district on Tuesday.

Russian First Deputy Defense Minister Arkady Bakhin, Commander of the Troops of the Southern Military District Aleksander Galkin, officials from the Krasnodar territorial authorities, servicemen and veterans were attending a ceremony to welcome a train with the military hardware.

“Today this is already the second missile formation, which we had received from the military production industry for the Ground Troops,” Bakhin said. In his words, two other divisions Iskander-M from the missile brigade of the military district will be delivered to their base within a few months.

The general recalled that military officials have outlined the tasks for rearmament in 2014 at an enlarged meeting of the Russian Defense Ministry’s board. “Next year two more missile brigades will be armed with the tactical missile systems Iskander-M,” he noted.

Bakhin noted that the staff of the brigade had passed complex retraining at military exercises at the firing range Kapustin Yar. Live missile-launching drills were conducted.

Iskander-M is a tactical missile system, which is designed to hit small-size and large area targets at the distances of up to 500 kilometers, particularly such targets as missile systems, multiple launch fire systems, long-range artillery, airplanes and helicopters at the airfields, command posts and communication hubs.