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Putin hails Moscow-Vienna relations

Vladimir Putin comments on the relations between Russia and Austria

MOSCOW, April 11. /TASS/. Russian President Vladimir Putin has said that Russia highly appreciates Austria’s balanced stance on pressing international issues.

"Russia highly appreciates Austria’s permanent neutrality policy, its balanced stance on the topical issues on the European and global agenda," he noted at a ceremony of presenting credentials by foreign ambassadors.

Putin stressed that relations between Moscow and Vienna had a rich history and were developing in a friendly manner. According to the Russian president, this was confirmed during the recent visit of Federal Chancellor Sebastian Kurz to Russia.

The head of state noted that 2018 marks 50 years since the beginning of Russian natural gas supplies to Austria. "Back then, [the two countries] gave the go-ahead to a large-scale energy project unaffected by the political environment," Putin said. "Its implementation has ensured reliable exports of Russian gas to European countries and guaranteed their energy security."