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Russia, Luxembourg continue cooperation despite sanctions

The Russian premier comments on Russia-Luxembourg cooperation

SKOLKOVO /Moscow region/, October 17. /TASS/. Russia and Luxembourg continue successful cooperation in spite of the anti-Russian sanctions introduced by European countries, Russian Prime Minister Dmitry Medvedev said on Tuesday upon the end of talks with Luxembourgish Prime Minister Xavier Bettel.

He admitted that the sanctions were wielding impact on relations between the two countries in one way or another but said Luxembourg the two countries kept up successful cooperation in some areas even in spite of the current complications.

"Luxembourg presents an instance of a country, with which we maintain fairly successful cooperation in a number of areas even in the current highly complicated situation with due understanding of the role it plays in the structure of the EU," Medvedev said. "We’re even building up our trade."

He said the two sides had mapped out new spheres for collaboration in the course of the talks and space exploration was one of them.

According to Medvedev, humankind is obviously destined to make a breakthrough in space exploration in the next few decades. "One way or another, the problem of prospecting the natural resources available there /in space/ will get on to the agenda," he said.

"There is an international convention in the field and there is the willingness to get down to resolving these issues," Medvedev said, adding that these issues aroused intensive interest although they were not on the agenda at this moment.

When a Luxembourgish reporter asked him what steps were to be taken to normalize the situation in the international arena, he said: "It’s important to try and discuss the most difficult problems and to tap solutions to them, the way the Prime Minister of Luxembourg is doing this."

"The opposite sides can be peeved at each other endlessly and the causes for reciprocal displeasure will always be around but that’s the road to nowhere, and the greater the intensity of contacts, the more reliable the atmosphere of trust and the higher the level of mutual understanding," Medvedev said.

"There’s absolutely no alternative to discussion of the most complicated issues, including the ones on the global and/or European agendas," he said. "You can take my word this country is ready for this. We are glad to hear our partners express the same position. We are always prepared to meet with them and to discuss the knottiest political and economic challenges."