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Putin to be inaugurated for fourth term on May 7

Vladimir Putin is to be sworn in for a fourth term as Russia's president on May 7

MOSCOW, May 7. /TASS/. Vladimir Putin is to be inaugurated as President of the Russian Federation for the fourth time on Monday, May 7.

Putin got a record big number of votes in the March 2018 election, the fourth one in his political career - 76.7% and secured a new presidential term for himself that will last six years.

In previous elections, he got 52.94% votes of the Russians who came to the polls in 2000, 71.31% in 2004 and 63.6% in 2012.

The word ‘inauguration’ derives from the Latin ‘inauguro’, which means ‘I devote’ or "I dedicate’. This ceremony will be held for the seventh time in the contemporary history of Russia.

Boris Yeltsin accepted the presidential position in 1991 but the ceremony took place then at a session of the Congress of People’s Deputies of the Russian Soviet Federated Socialist Republic [RSFSF] that was one of the fifteen constituent republics of the USSR. Its venue was the Kremlin Palace of Congresses.

The Russian authorities designed a special inauguration ceremony by the time of Yeltsin’s election for a second term of office in 1996. The procedure has seen some insignificant changes since then but its fundamental elements remain intact.

The Kremlin press secretary, Dmitry Peskov, told TASS earlier the ceremony would begin at noon in the Grand Kremlin Palace that overlooks the southern wall of the Kremlin and the Moskva River.

In 2012, when Putin moved to the presidential office the previous time, he arrived in the Kremlin from the Government Buildings on Krasnopresnensky Embankment, as he had been Russia’s Prime Minister for four years before election. Now he will go to the Grand Kremlin Palace from Building No. 1 in the Kremlin where the official study of President of the Russian Federation is located.

By the time of his arrival, the invitees will have taken their places in the St Andrew’s hall of the Grand Kremlin Palace and the stand-bearers of the Kremlin’s silent drill platoon will bring into the hall the National Flag of Russia and the Standard of the Russian President [the double-headed eagle placed on a tricolor] and then the Emblem of the President and the Constitution, on which Putin will hold his hand while taking the oath.

The Chief Judge of the Constitution Court, Dr. Valery Zorkin, will place the Constitution and the Sign of the President on the rostrum where Putin will stand.

The Commandant of the Kremlin, Lt-Gen Sergei Khlebnikov, will meet Putin at the entrance of the Palace. He is to take part in the presidential inauguration ceremony for the fourth time. Upon taking his salute Putin will walk up the ceremonial staircase and will walk through the Halls of the Orders of St George and St Alexander of the Neva to the St Andrew’s Hall to the sounds of the welcoming march and presidential fanfares.

When he gets into the all, Chief Judge Zorkin will hand to him the insignia of the Presidential Power, including the Presidential Emblem [the Golden Cross of St George] that contains the double-headed eagle and ‘Virtue, Honesty and Glory’ slogan and is attached to a golden chain.

After that, Putin will pronounce the oath holding his right hand on the Constitution. The text reads: "I hereby take the oath to respect and safeguard the rights and freedoms of man and citizen, to observe and to protect the Constitution of the Russian Federation, to defend the sovereignty, security and integrity of the state, and to serve the people in earnest in the course my tenure of the presidential office."

When Chief Judge Zorkin announces that the President-Elect has become President, Putin will make a brief speech.

After addressing the invitees in the Grand Kremlin Palace, Putin will walk into the Kremlin’s Cathedral Square through the Red Porch and will greet the servicemen of the Presidential Regiment who will be standing in formations. According to Dmitry Peskov, some of the guests will await the President in the Cathedral Square, too.

All the main visible elements of the inauguration ceremony are performed by the Presidential Regiment and the presidential orchestra. It is expected that dismounted and mounted formations likewise will take part in the marchpast on Cathedral Square on Monday.

On May 7, the Kremlin is closed for sightseeing tours and admittance there will be possible only upon special invitations. It is expected that several thousand guests will attend the inauguration formalities.

The lists of invitees feature the representatives of executive, legislative and judiciary branches of power, members of the government, members of both houses of Russian parliament, Presidential Administration officials, regional governors, recipients of the Order of the St Apostle Andrew, the holders of the Hero of Russia title, clerics from the main religious denominations, foreign ambassadors, business people, the military, scientists, cultural personalities, athletes, and journalists.