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Devastating typhoon heads out to Pacific after sweeping through Japan

The Vongfong typhoon left at least one dead, one missing and 82 others injured in Japan

TOKYO, October 14. /TASS/. A large typhoon that had swept through the Japanese archipelago weakened its intensity on Tuesday morning as it reached the Pacific off Japan's north-eastern coast, leaving at least one dead, one missing and 82 others injured.

The typhoon headed out to the Pacific, where it is expected to weaken. However, it remained dangerous with winds reaching 40 m/sec.

Vongfong caused extensive disruptions to air and railway transportation in Japan. About 640 flights were cancelled, and train and ferry services were halted.

Local governments issued evacuation advisories to about a million people.

Vongfong, translated from a Chinese dialect as “a wasp,” is the 19th typhoon in the Pacific this year.