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Nornickel supports volunteer movement in Krasnoyarsk

KRASNOYARSK, March 5. /TASS/. The Norilsk Nickel Company (Nornickel) will support in Krasnoyarsk the volunteer movement and projects in the city improvement. The company and the city administration signed a cooperation agreement, press service of Krasnoyarsk’s administration said on Monday.

"Nornickel will invest in development of the volunteer movement and in Krasnoyarsk’s improvement," the press service said. "Krasnoyarsk’s administration and the Norilsk Nickel Company have signed a cooperation agreement today."

"The document was inked by the Krasnoyarsk Mayor Sergei Yeremin and by Nornickel’s Vice President Elena Bezdenezhnykh," the Mayor’s Office added.

The Krasnoyarsk mayor’s press secretary Alena Luneva told TASS the signed document is a framework agreement, and it does not contain sum of the company’s investments.

"Our company has trained 100 teenagers, who within this year would be assisting the city," Nornickel’s vice president said. "My opinion is that Krasnoyarsk is a major metropolis in training volunteers, and representatives from many cities, where we are working now, will come here to exchange experience in development of the volunteer movement."

"We are currently working on a few projects to improve the city space in downtown Krasnoyarsk," the mayor said. "Most work is to be done at the areas next to the Bobrovy Log fan park; and all the implemented projects would be an integral part of the city’s heritage."

Nornickel announced earlier that in 2018 it would improve in Krasnoyarsk the area around the Bobrovy Log fan park. The Bazaikha River’s valley will become a park with landscape design areas, sports facilities and small architectural sculptures. The investments will make about 50 million rubles ($875,000).

About Nornickel

Nornickel (the Norilsk Nickel Company) is a Russian diversified mining and metals company, the globally largest producer of nickel and palladium and the major producer of platinum, cobalt, copper, and rhodium. The company produces also gold, silver, iridium, osmium, selenium, ruthenium, and tellurium. The company is involved in exploration, extraction, enriching and processing of natural resources, as well as in production and sales of non-ferrous and precious metals.