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Russian Armed Forces start using new Irbis radar — defense ministry

It is carrying reconnaissance up to 150-odd kilometer depth

MOSCOW, July 7. /TASS/. Battlegroup North servicemen started using a new Irbis radar during the special military operation, the Russian Defense Ministry said.

"This is a new unique radar. It is carrying reconnaissance up to 150-odd kilometer depth. I can say according to the experience that the radar is better than previous specimens of radars because it has greater maneuverability. Time for deployment and departure from positions is much quicker," the radar team leader with the Sector callsign said. "The reconnaissance length is also much longer. It detects al types of enemy’s fire units: mortar units, cannon and rocket artillery of the adversary. The radar can also detect air targets. We perform reconnaissance, detect a target and immediately make transmission to control posts of firing units," he added.

Attempts of the Ukrainian army to hit civilians have already been repeatedly curbed owing to the radar, the defense ministry stressed.