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Russia says its Ka-52, Mi-28 helicopters took out some Ukrainian troops in Zaporozhye area

In total, up to 30 people were found and eliminated, the Russian Ministry of Defense reported

MOSCOW, September 24. /TASS/. Ka-52 and Mi-28 helicopters of Russia’s Southern Military District have taken out some Ukrainian troops in the Zaporozhye area, the Russian Defense Ministry told TASS.

"Reconnaissance revealed a buildup and transfer of additional enemy personnel in one of the wooded areas, up to 30 people. The task was set to destroy the identified target with unguided [aerial] missiles. From time to time, along with personnel, we also hit lightly armored vehicles, pickup trucks <…> and infantry fighting vehicles," a military pilot, identified by his call name Spartak, said in a video obtained by TASS.

The ministry said that, as part of the special military operation, the Southern Military District’s aircraft continue to carry out missions to destroy the enemy’s personnel and armored vehicles, disrupting unsuccessful Ukrainian attempts to attack Russian positions in the Zaporozhye area.

During combat sorties, strike and reconnaissance-cum-strike helicopters launch missiles at Ukrainian fortified strongpoints and armored fighting vehicles. Pilots approach the combat area at extremely low altitudes and skirt the terrain, which allows the aircraft to avoid detection by the enemy's air defenses, the ministry said.