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Hmeymim airbase's defense systems destroy terrorists' UAVs

Nobody was injured and no damage was done to the airbase

MOSCOW, August 11./TASS/. Air defense systems of the Russian Hmeymim airbase in Syria have brought down six maneuvering UAVs launched by terrorists, the Russian Defense Ministry said in a report on Sunday.

According to the ministry, "six maneuvering UAVs, approaching to the airfield from the north-western direction were spotted" by the airbase’s defense systems at about 20:10 Moscow time.

"Anti-aircraft weapons of the Russian airbase destroyed all six terrorists’ combat UAVs at safe distances," the report said.

Nobody was injured and no damage was done to the airbase, it continues functioning in a routine mode, the ministry specified.

Terrorists are assembling drones using makeshift tools. The ministry has repeatedly reported about Russian military planes’ destroying depots of terrorists with spare parts for making drones.