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Russian, US military contacts in Syria becoming more mature — USAF Chief of Staff

"Nothing has really changed in a way we are communicating," the US general said

WASHINGTON, March 30. /TASS/. The communication between military forces of Russia and the United States regarding Syria has become more mature over the past year, Chief of Staff of the US Air Force General David L. Goldfein told a Defense Writers Group breakfast on Thursday.

"Nothing has really changed in a way we are communicating. I will say that because we have been communicating for a while. But communication has become more mature," he said.

"Some of it has become more mature because we were able to establish some relationships between those that are at, I would say, more at a tactical level, day-to-day operations," General explained.

According to Goldfein, "there is a cell within an air operations center that works for General (Jeffrey L.) Harrigian (Commander of US Air Forces Central Command in Southwest Asia - TASS), that has a direct line capability with their Russian counterparts." "They talk every day, couple times a day as required. And so when there is potential for conflict (between Russian and US military forces in Syria), neither side has any interest in miscalculation. It is in our best interests to ensure that we do not have folks that are in a wrong place or that we have surprises out there that our folks have got to deal with," Goldfein said.

"So the communication has actually gotten a bit more mature and it continues to mature over time. We had instances even recently where that line has been very useful to ensure that both sides know what the other side is doing," he added.