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Party of Region: Foreign agents spent over $10 billion to organise coup d’etat in Ukraine

KHARKOV, February 22, 17:28 /ITAR-TASS/. Tass) - The events in Ukraine have been financed by “foreign agents of influence”, Party of Regions deputy Vadim Kolesnichenko told Itar-Tass.

“It took years to prepare the situation in Ukraine. Foreign agents of influence invested over 10 billion dollars in the coup d’etat and in agents, who work in the Verkhovna Rada under the cover of non-governmental organisations,” Kolesnichenko said.

Earlier, the deputy described the events in Ukraine “a coup d’etat organised by Europe and the United States”.

“Today’s events in Ukraine are a coup d’etat. Deputies have been posed threats and very often their families are hostages,” he said, adding “The country needs changes. Every region should develop proportionately with the contribution to the country’s economy.